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Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  How Much Does the Bootcamps Cost? A:  The Foundational Class Is FREE       Intermediate & Advanced Class is $100 and includes a syllabus & DVD Recording of the foundational class. Q:  Is Search Engine Optimization Ethical? A:  SEO has been around since the dawn of search engines. Google & Bing/Yahoo have specific rules they       have set up that gives us boundaries to which they want website owners to use. If you break those rules...       that’s called “Black Hat”. Black Hat Marketing is like cheating on your taxes. You’ll get away with it for a       while, but it isn’t worth the penalty when they catch you. The staff at SEO Bootcamps with show you the line       and teach you the best way to toe the line without actually “breaking” the rules. (Just like my accountant does with my taxes   ) Q:  Do I need to have lots of computer skills or programming skills? A:   No, there are some technical things that would help, but 99% of SEO are basic things that only require time       and effort. Q:  What if I don’t have time to do all that you teach, can you do it for me? A:   Absolutely, I’m glad you asked...    
SEO Done For You F.A.Q. SEO Bootcamp